Surface Roughness Gauge : RTD-100

Surface Roughness Gauge : RTD-100

Surface Roughness Gauge : RTD-100

The RTD-100 is a surface roughness gauge and is best used on surfaces with flat or large curved areas where access is not an issue.  The RTD-100 has an easy to read bright OLED dot matrix screen and is of sturdy metal construction.  Measurements are shown in Ra or Rz.

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The RTD-100 Surface Roughness Gauge from Starr Instruments is designed to suit users having simple testing requirements and requiring a portable device that can handle the conditions of a typical workshop. 

Examples of use include workshop testing, laboratory use,quality control, production testing, metrology, checking cylinder head and bore in automotive and railway track maintenance.

The size of the RTD-100 is compact for portability and is built sturdy in metal casing.  The OLED display can be easily read in bright environments.   Automatic shut off and low power consumption provide a battery life of 20 Hours for ample testing.  The probe is protected in the casing which makes the RTD-100 best suited for flat surfaces or large curves where access is easy.  

Easy to operate, the  RTD-100 includes a specimen for calibration. The sensitive probe traces the profile of the surface and converts the measurements into Ra or Rz.  The measuring range for Ra is 0.05µm - 10µm and Rz is 0.1µm - 50µm.  

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  • • Easy to use
  • • Compact
    • Rugged full metal shell design
    • Hi-speed data processing with DSP chip
    • Clear bright OLED dot matrix screen
    • Built in rechargeable battery
    • Power saving function and Automatic shutdown 

Standard Kit includes the main unit,power adapter, the calibration reticule template and support, calibration certificate and USB charging cable


Maximum Travel 6mm
Accuracy ±10%
Parameter Ra (0.05µm-10µm)  Rz (0.1µm-50µm)
Sampling Length "L" 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm
Evaluation Length 1.25mm, 4mm, 5mm
Power Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery Life 20 Hours continuous work
Dimensions 106mm x 70mm x 24mm
Weight 200g




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